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PANA Group, Aruba Real Estate Developers

With more than 70 years of experience in the Caribbean market, PANA Group has added a new project to its portfolio.

Nanki at Baby Beach Aruba is its new real estate development on One Happy Island.

About PANA Group

Since 1950, PANA Group has specialized in promoting, managing, and developing major real estate projects.

In the past 20 years, PANA Group members contributed to developing over four family and luxury housing projects in Aruba.

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Renowned Developers of
Luxury Apartments in Aruba

Our History

PANA Group’s origin dates back to 1950 when the construction and real estate development company Perret & Sosa Ingenieros was established in Venezuela. Over the years, it evolved into Edificaciones C.A., then became Perret Ingenieros (Pering), growing its operations to Aruba, Colombia and more recently, the US.

A member of the group, Alberto Perret-Gentil, who already has 35 years of experience in the construction business, has dedicated his efforts and expertise to Aruba. He has participated in luxury real estate projects like Oceania Residences, Blue Residences, Azure Beach Residences, and Harbour House.

In recent years, Alberto Perret-Gentil joined PANA Group along with friends from high school and university, Jaime Gomez and Juan Vogeler, both with very successful careers in the field.

For his part, Jaime Gomez brings to the team his experience of over 10,000 affordable housing units developed and 25 years of doing business in Aruba. He was also the President of the Venezuela Construction Chamber and a board member of the Interamerican Construction Federation (FIC).

Juan Vogeler brings his financial expertise with 25+ years of investment banking experience as Vice President at JP Morgan and Merrill Lynch. He worked on major IPOs, M&As, and public and private equity placements in the US and Latin America markets.

With the help of a talented group of Aruban professionals, PANA Group is among the top real estate developers on the island today.

Among the PANA Group’s companies are BlueAruba Vacation Rentals, which manages over 200 units, and BlueAruba Realty, a real estate agency in Aruba.

PANA Group Real Estate Projects

The Minds Behind The PANA Group: Get to know our team

Alberto Perret-Gentil

Civil Engineer from Universidad Metropolitana, Caracas (1988), and MBA from Cornell University (1992).

During his time in Venezuela, Mr. Perret worked for Seguros Orinoco (later Seguros Mercantil), a large insurance company, and Edificaciones C.A., a large construction company. Later, he was in charge of financial evaluations and the development of diverse real estate projects as part of the Pering Group.

Mr. Perret also founded BlueAruba Vacation Rentals, BlueAruba Realty and more recently together with a group of young Aruban entrepreneurs established Aruba Impact Hub, a co-working space and incubator to foster a networking community for entrepreneurs and help start-ups get off the ground.

In addition to being the CEO of the PANA Group, he is currently the president of the PANA Foundation (Pa Amor di Nos Aruba) and participates on the Board of VRPA-Vacation Rental Professionals of Aruba.

He lives in Aruba with his wife and three children.
Alberto Perret-Gentil
Jaime Enrique Gomez

Jaime Enrique Gomez

Venezuelan engineer, graduated in 1984 with a bachelor’s degree from Ridley College, St. Catharines Canada, and in 1989 from Metropolitan University as a Civil Engineer.

As a housing developer, he has built approximately 10,000 housing units in Venezuela, Aruba, Colombia, and Spain in the last 30 years. He has actively participated in the Inter-American Construction Federation and the Venezuelan Construction Chamber of which he is a former president. Nowadays he is president of the Venezuelan Construction Chamber Foundation, serving as the corporate social responsibility arm of the institution.

In Aruba, Gomez has specialized in luxury homes and condominium projects like Palma Real, Oceania, Blue Residences, Azure Beach Residences, and Harbour House for over 25 years. He has also participated in various homeowner’s associations. The most relevant are Caurimare in Caracas, Oceania Residences, Blue Residences, Azure Beach Residences and Harbour House in Aruba. He currently serves as commercial director of the PANA Group, a sponsor of AMBLEMA: a foundation providing education opportunities for over 8,700 kids in 47 schools throughout Venezuela.

He has been happily married for 35 years and has three children and three grandchildren.

Juan Andres Vogeler

Civil engineer, graduated from Universidad Metropolitana, Caracas, Venezuela (1989), and got an MBA from Harvard Business School (1995).

Upon graduating from engineering school, he worked as a project manager on two projects in Caracas: one commercial and one residential.

After his MBA, he was hired to work for JPMorgan as an investment banker in the Equity Capital Markets group in NYC for 10 years.

Primarily dedicated to Latin America and industrial companies in the US. He was then at Merrill Lynch as Managing Director and Head of Latin America Equity Capital Markets for another 3 years.

As an investment banker, he was in charge of raising millions of equity capital. He was also in charge of listing companies on the NYSE and NASDAQ and locally in Brazil and Mexico.

After his investment banking career, Mr. Vogeler started his own businesses and has been involved in luxury home real estate in Miami, where he acted as an investor and developer.

Currently a Board Member of the Hospital Ortopedico Infantil in Caracas, Venezuela, a not-for-profit hospital dedicated to helping kids with musculoskeletal disorders. He is also a member of the HBS Angel Investing Club of South Florida.

He lives with his wife in Miami
Juan Andres Vogeler
Enrique Feldman

Enrique Feldman

Graduated from Simon Bolivar University in 1982 and an MBA from IESA, Feldman is a renowned Venezuelan architect with development expertise in Miami.

Feldman has designed, constructed, and developed over 70 residential, single-family, hotel, and office projects in Miami, Venezuela, Panama, and Aruba.

In Miami, Feldman’s focus has been on luxury homes. He has built over 20 high-end homes in some of the most exclusive neighborhoods of the city, including Surfside, Golden Beach, Golden Isles, and the Eastern Shores.

He is also the architect of Blue Residences and Azure Beach Residences in Aruba.

Armand de Koning

Graduated as an architect from Universidad Piloto de Colombia (1984), De Koning served as the Principal Architect at INARCH-Architecture and Interior Design from 1985-1990. From 1991 onward, he became the owner of the architecture firm Architektenburo A.W. in Aruba.

De Koning has been involved in designing projects such as Palma Real, Montana Plaza, Oceania Residences, Villa Montana Alta, Palm Aruba and Cayena Mall.

He is also a board member of the Aesthetics Committee of the Department of Public Works (DOW).
Armand De Koning